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Staff Application for Mare Fair 2024

Are you worried you'll be bored at the con?
Do you feel like you have a lot to contribute?
Do you want to do it >for free?
Do you want to help make Mare Fair 2024 the best con ever?
Then sign up to volunteer below!

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Tell us about yourself and the skills and experience you think will help you make Mare Fair totally awesome.
Include any applicable educational, professional, or volunteer experiences you've had.
Feel free also just to tell us about yourself, why you want to volunteer, how you feel about mares, etc.

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Who is best mare?

Reach deep down into your soul and judge every mare based on their ineffable snowpities and answer this question.
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Don't be that guy.

Last words

Anything else we should know?
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Just want to sperg about your favorite mares?
Let's hear it.


Please read the Mare Fair Code of Conduct and Staff Policies.

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