Musician Application
Musician Application for Mare Fair 2024

Make squiggly lines in the air at Mare Fair 2024!

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Primary Contact Information

Please provide us with the name and contact information of the person we should contact regarding this application. This is the person who will be contacted in case this application is accepted.

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Musician Information

Each set will be 25 minutes in length.
You can request up to two sets, which would be a 55 minute block.

Badge Type

The type of musician badge you are requesting.

Performer/Group Name

The name of the performer or group performing the set.

Set Name

The name of the set. This is the name that appears publicly.

Sets Requested

The number of sets you are requesting.

How many microphones do you need?

Please estimate how many microphones you need (vocal and instrumental)

What other hardware do you need?

Besides microphone(s), what else do you need to perform your set(s)?

Your music

Tell us about yourself and the type of music you play.


Your Discord or Matrix/Element username.

Type of music you'll be performing

Describe the type of music you plan to perform in your set.

Set description

Describe the set you wish to perform as you'd like it to appear on our website or in a conbook.

Music linkies

Where do you post your music? Throw your YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, etc. in here.

Prior performances

Give links to some videos of prior live performances you've done (if any).
This isn't a requirement, but it helps.

Would you be interested in a musician group vendor table?

There's a chance we may have a general musician table in the vendor hall.
Would you be interested in selling anything there, giving stuff away, or hanging out there?

Pony Performance Percentage

Approximately what percentage of music you plan to play would you describe as "pony related?"
Since Mare Fair is a pony convention we ask that musicians keep their sets on topic and primarily pony.
If we have too many musician applications for the amount of space available, priority will be given to musicians with a larger percentage of pony.

Additional comments

What else should we know about your application?
Do you have any other requirements or accessibility needs?

Best mare

Tell us who you think best mare is.
You can only choose one.
All answers will be tallied and announced sometime after the convention, so choose wisely!
If you leave this blank, we'll know you hate mares.


Please read the Mare Fair Code of Conduct.

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