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Panel Application for Mare Fair 2024

Share your panel with everypony at Mare Fair 2024!

Please note: Panelists must still purchase a separate badge for entry into the event.

Primary Contact Information

Please provide us with the name and contact information of the person we should contact regarding this application. This is the person who will be contacted in case this application is accepted.

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Panel Information

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Presenter Name

The name of the business, organization, group, or individual presenting the panel.

Panel Name

The name of the panel. This is the name that appears publicly.

Time Slots Requested

The number of time slots you are requesting.

About your panel

Here's your chance to tell us about your panel idea and what experience you may have had in the past.
Don't worry if you don't have any experience, we really want to see new ideas and new panelists!

Describe your panel idea

Tell us about your panel.

Panel description

OK, now how would you describe your panel on the convention website or in a conbook?

How much time do you need?

How long will your panel last?
Most panels tend to be around 60 minutes long, but if you've got a great idea that needs less or more time, feel free to ask.
Worst case is we say no lol
Please note: Panel space is at a premium and really long panels are harder to schedule around; keep this in mind.

Preferred day and time

What's your preferred day and time slot?
We cannot offer any guarantees that you'll get what you request here, but we'll try.

Please be aware of the following events already planned (subject to change):
Opening Ceremonies: Friday TBD
Spaghetti and Tendie dinner: Friday evening TBD
Concert: Saturday evening TBD
Charity Auction: Sunday TBD
Closing Ceremonies: Sunday TBD
Vendor Hall: TBD

Alternative days and times

If your preferred day and time aren't available, what other days and times might you consider?
Again, no guarantees, and take a look at the events already planned above.

Mare Fair staff

Have you applied or do you plan to apply to be a volunteer at Mare Fair?
Please let us know so we can work with your department lead to schedule your panel around your shift schedule.

Potential conflicts

Please describe other events you may be participating in at Mare Fair that your panel needs to be scheduled around.
For example: You're performing in the concert, you have a ticket to the Spaghetti & Tendie dinner, etc.
No time is guaranteed, but the more information you can give us the easier it will be for us to find the best time for your panel.

Type of panel

We have two different types of panel rooms this year:
- Normal theater seating
- Workshop room with tables and chairs

The workshop room is great if you want your panel attendees to be able to draw, write, or do other craft things with their hands.

What type of room would you prefer?

Charity panel

Do you anticipate taking donations or raising money for this year's charity at your panel?
If so, please describe your idea.

Ticketed event

Do you anticipate needing to charge attendees the cost of materials at your panel?

Panel equipment

What stuff would you like us to provide to make your panel 20% cooler?
Things like a projector with HDMI inputs, audio hookups for your computer, number of microphones, etc.
Please note we can make no guarantees that we can provide requested equipment!

Rate your panel

Please give a content rating for your panel
Please make sure you stick to this rating
Not doing so could end up in early cancellation of your panel
If you need to change your rating, let us know by e-mailing [email protected]

Prior panels

Have you ever presented a panel at a convention before?
If so, please tell us about your experience.
If your panel(s) was recorded, please provide links to those recordings.


Feel free to post some links to your presence online: where you upload content, social media, etc.

Alternative contact

Besides e-mail, is there another way you'd like to be contacted?
Please put that information here, include the platform and your username there.
Note: Application status e-mails will always be sent to your e-mail address, but staff may attempt to contact you using this method.

Additional comments

What else should we know about your application?
Do you have any other requirements or accessibility needs?
If you need to make any changes to your application please e-mail [email protected]

Best mare

Tell us who you think best mare is.
You can only choose one.
All answers will be tallied and announced sometime after the convention, so choose wisely!
If you leave this blank, we'll know you hate mares.

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Badge Information

Please provide us with the names and contact information of the people who should receive panelist ribbons, INCLUDING YOURSELF. We ask for date of birth only to verify age.
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A panelist application does not include a badge!

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