Vendor Application
Vendor Application for Mare Fair 2024

Come sell your cool stuff at Mare Fair 2024!

Please note: By submitting your application you are agreeing to abide by the Mare Fair Code of Conduct, Vendor Policies, and Terms of Sale

Primary Contact Information

Please provide us with the name and contact information of the person we should contact regarding this application. This is the person who will be contacted in case this application is accepted.

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Vendor Information

Vendor and artist tables are for vendors and artists selling products or artwork.
Convention Exchange tables are for organizations that run other pony or related conventions.
Charity tables are for 501(c)(3) organizations that are approved by Snowpity, Inc.

Please note, the fees for tables this year are $35 per table. Badges are not included in the price, you will be required to register separately as an attendee or sponsor.

Badge Type

The type of vendor badge you are requesting.

Business Name

The name of the business, organization, group, or individual selling or tabling.

Table Name

The name of the table. This is the name that appears publicly.

Tables Requested

The number of tables you are requesting.


Please select whether electricity is a requirement for you to be able to vend, or if it is something you would like to have.
Electricity may or may not be available in the form of a standard wall outlet for an extra $20 (we will run a special cord to your table).

We can also provide you a dedicated 5A drop for an additional $160 (this is what the hotel charges us) if a standard 120V outlet is not enough for you.
If you need more than this, please contact us at [email protected].

What are you selling?

Tell us a bit about what you plan to sell at Mare Fair.

Portfolio or Website Link

Please provide a link to a professional web site, deviantArt gallery, or online store with enough content for us to judge the quality of your work.
If you do not have a portfolio or online store, please upload some photos of your work somewhere publicly accessible such as Tumblr, Flickr, Facebook, etc. and link to that.
For Convention Exchange or Charity tables, just provide a link to your organization's web site.

Example of Vendor Table

If possible, we’d like to see examples of previous vendor tables you’ve done.
Please provide a link to a gallery or other photo(s) somewhere publicly accessible such as Tumblr, Flickr, Facebook, etc. and link to that.
Some applicants make this part of their portfolio - in this case, you may use the same URL as above.
If this is your first con, don't worry, we'll be gentle.


How would you describe your merchandise on a con website or in a con book?
Please give us a short description of your table.

What will you be selling?

Please select from the list any appropriate categories your products fall under.


If you checked other above, please use this space to provide specifics.

Pony Product Percentage

Approximately what percentage of merchandise do you plan to display that will feature characters from My Little Pony in a non-anthro/non-furry style?
Since Mare Fair is a pony convention we ask that vendors keep their displays on topic and primarily pony.
If we have too many vendor applications for the amount of space available, priority will be given to vendors with a larger percentage or pony products.

Table Placement Requests

We will try our best to fulfill every request for table placement, but we cannot guarantee you will get the placement you want.
Furthermore, are there any vendors you wish to be near, or NOT to be near?

Large Items

Please list any large items you may have at your table, such as clothing racks, display racks, life-size plushies, etc.
This will help us plan our space better.

Vendor Meal Break

Please indicate whether or not you would like to have a meal break Saturday. All vendors will be required to leave the hall during lunch so the hall may be secured.
(Friday and Sunday will be shortened days, so the option for a meal break will not be offered)

Anything else?

Anything else you would like us to know?
Do you have any other requirements or accessibility needs?

18+ Material

Please indicate on whether or not you plan to sell any 18+ material.
Mare Fair currently has a black binder policy as well as a dedicated AD vendor hall at night for the purposes of openly displaying and selling 18+ content.
More information will be available on this at a later time.
If you are interested in vending in our "After Dark" vendor hall, please indicate your interest here and we will be sure to reach out to you later!

Best Mare

Tell us who you think best mare is.
You can only choose one.
All answers will be tallied and announced sometime after the convention, so choose wisely!
If you leave this blank, we'll know you hate mares.


Please read the Mare Fair Code of Conduct, Vendor Policies, and Terms of Sale.

Attendee ID

This is a hidden field used to connect applications to attendees.

Badge Information

Please provide us your name and contact information. We ask for date of birth only to verify age.
The name you provide here must match your ID.

You must purchase a badge in addition to a table in order to vend.

Badges Requested

The number of badges you are requesting.

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